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Oct. 1st, 2007 | 08:34 pm
location: Dorm
mood: pissed off pissed off
music: Luna Sea- No Pain

Guess what! A real entry yo! Not just a sentence!!!!!

Ha ha not that anyone actually reads this but yeah,

So I just listened to the dozing green sample. It actually sounds good yo. No just some power cord wanna be metal shit. Well at least that's what I gathered from the 10 second sample. Of course kyo's voice is kinda shitty now. But yeah, I think I'll like this new song.

So anywayz. I supposed to be doing hw right now, but I DON'T WANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ehhhhhh college really pisses me off. I miss the days where I could just not do any work and still get A's. And I think I been partying too much because my weekends are basically a workless waste of life partying then sleeping. So my weeks are crammed with shit and then I get stressed and then I party on the weekends more and then the cycle starts all over again. ARRRRRGGGGH!!!!!! Gotta chill

So I miss my DD!! I haven't seen him in so long and I want to. That poo is too good to come visit me! But seriously, he needs to let go of smoking so much weed and hang out with me and Bri like good old times. And I want to have a slumber party with them at my dorm. But Mr. Pot-Head-Greek is too cool for that now! That fat whore!!!

Gah! Gotta et back to some hw. Yeah.



Sep. 24th, 2007 | 02:27 pm
location: Dorm
music: The Birthday Massacre-Horror Show

Lets all kick holes on doors!


Sep. 19th, 2007 | 08:12 am
location: DORM
mood: drained drained
music: eight-some japernese I can't read

I'M NEVER PARTYING ON A WEEK NIGHT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 things I like with H

Sep. 11th, 2007 | 09:58 pm
location: Dorm
mood: aggravated aggravated
music: Dir en grey- Ain't Afraid To Die

I be bored and Matt gave me the letter H.

1)Hide-I don't have to explain this one
2)Hobbits- They live in the Shire. They smoke weed all day. They are short and cute. They are Hobbits. Nuff said.
3)Hizumi- Amazing vocalist for D'espairsRay
4)Happiness- It's nice to be happy
5)Hands- I really like the shapes of hands. I always try to draw them, but I suck at drawing so I fail :(
6)Hookers- Who doesn't like a cheap hooker every once in a while?
7)Hank- My Grandpa's name. I like him because he's so bitter and cynical. I aspire to be as old and angry as him some day
8)Hotarubi- One of my most favorite Dir en grey songs EVER! I think it's about WWII and the a-bomb, but that's all up to interpretation.
9)Hailie- My friend Joey's kitty. She's adorable! I love her <3
10)Haddon Township- The town I grew up in. HT rules!!! :)

a test

Sep. 11th, 2007 | 01:23 pm

testing lj cut because i dont know how to make one

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Sep. 7th, 2007 | 04:37 pm
mood: cold cold
music: Taia: Kage no nai basho

Yeah. Got nothin to do, so I might as well update this stupid thing. -_-

Been trying to adjust to college life, ya know? Haven't met too many people yet, but eh. I'm not very social. And I miss high school! It's betta! Actually, it isn't. High school=drama. But at college I actually have to study and shit. And I don't know anyone! I miss all my G's up at Rutgers, CCC, and even those still at HTHS!!!

Well, anywayz....

Yeah, I'm done. LJ is stupid :)



Sep. 3rd, 2007 | 07:20 pm
location: Dorm
mood: lonely lonely
music: -Oz-: Misty

I'm so emo.

And lonely :'(

The end

Aug. 23rd, 2007 | 11:12 pm
location: My lair
mood: anxious anxious
music: The GazettE: The End

Tomorrow I move into college.

One part of me is excited. This summer pretty much sucked and was most boring ever. I did pretty much nothing. Compared to last summer, this was aweful. It was also short and hairsplitting. I could have made my final hs summer a little better, but eh. I guess I had a case of post-graduation anti-social syndrome. It happens.

I'm glad to be free of high school. I'll be free of the immature drama that goes one there. I'll be free from my parents and I'll be free to learn things my own way. It seems my life has been so long, but it's only just beginning. But I have learned alot from high school and teenage-hood.

The other part of me doesn't want to go tomorrow. Bri and DD are going into 11th grade, and part of me wishes I was going into it with them. I want to be a teenager again, so much less freedom, but also less responsibilty. I miss 11th grade lunch, 9th grade love, 12th grade mistakes, and 10th grade drama. I miss junior high dorkiness and elemntary school innocence.

And now it's all over. Childhood is gone, college is on the way. I should go to bed now.



Jul. 29th, 2007 | 05:55 pm
location: PC room
mood: excited excited
music: Sister's Sex- Hizaki

Temple orientation tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited! It's going to be overnight so I'll get to meet lots of people and live at the dorms for one night. I'll get to choose my classes, too. So far, it hasn't really hit me that I'll be attending college this fall. It feels like any other lazy summer. But soon... I'm going to fully realize my high school days are OVER. Craziness.



Jul. 21st, 2007 | 12:56 am
location: My lair....
mood: scared scared
music: The Birthday Massacre-Play Dead

So today I got a really scary phone call. It was midmorning and I was just sitting around in my pjs. Then the house phone rang and I was the only one at home so I answered it. It was some guy who said he was a high school friend of my parents. That's fine and all, but then he started talking about aphrodisiacs and asked me if I knew what it was. It was really creepy! He just kept talking about aphrodisiacs and was like "it means something having do with sexual desire." Um... excuse me? Why was he saying this? Then he was asking me all these questions like what year was I born and what my name was. I lied about my name and what town we live in. I probably should have just hung up on him, but I didn't know what to do. When I finally got off the phone, I went downstairs and got a big kitchen knife. Then I thoroughly searched the house to make sure the guy wasn't like in my basement or something and had called me to freak me out before he came to kill me. I later asked told my parents he called, but didn't tell them all the stuff he said. They said they knew who he was but hadn't talked to him in like 20 years. :O

Well, I'll probably be paranoid for a few days. It doesn't help I just watched a movie about a serial killer with Karen tonight. Bleh creepy!

On a lighter note, I got a job for j-revolution. It's a non-paying job, but it's still good experience. I'll be a columnist for the website.