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What exists outside the walls of my room?!?!

Jul. 19th, 2007 | 12:43 pm
location: My lair....
mood: blah blah
music: Gazette- Stacked Rubbish

My life: Sit around in my room; watch some youtube; sit some more; read a book; sit some more; eat food; sit; read manga; sit; download music; sit; stare at my posters; sit again; write a crappy poem; sit sit sit sit....

Yeah. Summer sucks. Majorly.

So I was thinking about Temple and how I'm so excited to go!!!!! I can't stand haveing no purpose in life. Come August my life will pick up again. I been talking to my roomates. They seem pretty nice. Their names are Rosemarie, Nadia, and Abigail. And I'm Katherine. Interesting how we all have sort of old fashioned names. We're on the fifth floor. This means I'm going to have to take the evlevateor everyday or take 5 sets of stairs!! Oh well good excersise i guess.

So now that I have this awesomely good Mac Book I can watch stuff online! Last night I watched the movie Seth Et Holth. It's so great. Two homoerotic vk stars play a couple of crazy angel/vampire thingies who get exiled from their home, the land of Nun, for asking to many qustions. They whereget sent to Earth they get lots in the confusion, greed, and hunger of human nature. It's a must see for EVERYONE!!! It also include lots of weird sex-like bood commucation... O_O

La la la

Time to go back to sitting around.


It's been a long time...

Jul. 15th, 2007 | 12:35 pm
location: Computer
mood: bored bored
music: Gackt-Mirror

So I haven't written in here for freaki FOREVER!! I got the idea to b/c Bri has one now so I was like "I haven't written, i should." So here I am. I'm on my sweet new laptop, too!

Ehhhhhhhh not really in writing mood so I'll post pther stuff later (maybe)


I'm back

Jul. 31st, 2006 | 04:58 pm
mood: cranky cranky
music: Buck-Tick: Cosmos

So I just got back from Japan about a week ago. Was pretty awesome. I got to go to Harajuku and other cool parts of Tokyo. But for most of the month was living in Oita with a host family. I actually don't feel like writing a long entry about the trip, but maybe I will eventually.


Almost ready to go....

Jun. 25th, 2006 | 12:53 pm
mood: excited excited
music: Luna Sea- Mother

I'm leaving for LA in like an hour and then from there I'm leaving for TOKYO!!!!!!!!! I'm very anxious....

Be back in like a month.


I'm not scene

May. 31st, 2006 | 09:02 pm
mood: anxious anxious
music: D'espairsRay-In Vain

[ ] You own a bandanna you regularly wear in some obscure way.
[ ] You wear your jeans tighter than tight.
[x] You wear flats and/or converse.
[ ] You wear long beaded necklaces and fake pearls.
[ ] You wear studded belts.
[x] You shop at thrift stores.
[x] You make your own clothes.
[ ] You wear shirts of bands you've never heard of.
[ ] You buy shirts from the little boys section.
[ ] You wear more clothing layers than an eskimo.
[ ] You love to wear bright colors.
[ ] You borrow your boyfriend or girlfriend's clothes.
[ ] You wear skinny jeans that go in at your ankle.
Total: 3

[ ] You cut you own hair.
[ ] You have 2 or more different colors in your hair.
[ ] You have a mullet.
[ ] You spend more than 15 minutes straightening and/or styling your hair every day.
[ ] You own more than 20 hair products.
[ ] You don't wash your hair everyday.
Total: 0

[ ] You're sXe, but just because you're a minor.
[ ] You love God.
[ ] You're a vegetarian.
[x] You love going to shows.
[ ] You're in love with yourself.
[ ] You think you're a gangsta.
[x] Your music is better than everyone else's.
Total: 2

[ ] You have x's in your screename.
[ ] Your myspace pictures show less than half of your face.
[ ] Your comments and/or friends are hidden on your profile.
[ ] You check your myspace at least every day.
[ ] You bought a sidekick just so you could check your myspace.
Total: 0

[ ] Robots
[ ] Dinosaurs
[x] Hello Kitty
[x] Makeup
[ ] Little kid jewelry and hair stuff
[ ] Animal Prints
[x] Piercings
[x] Tattoos
[ ] Stars
[ ]Stripes
[ ]Polkadots
[ ]Huge sunglasses
[ ] Camo
Total: 4

[ ] Goth kids
[ ] Nu-metal
[x] annoying people
[x] Stuck up people
[ ] Curly Hair
[ ] Mean Kids
Total: 2

Total score:11
Double your score and thats your scene percentage =]
I'm 22% scene. Ewwwwww. I think I'll stick with "casual loli"

Awesome stuff

May. 27th, 2006 | 12:25 am
mood: mellow mellow
music: Velvet Eden- Street of Alice

Prom was awesome! I wore my perdy dress and danced like 75% of the night! So did Luke and it was great! I love dancing! The dj actually played a couple songs I like. One was Razed in Black's Vlush and the other was the Naked song (both industrial of course). So great! :D I danced crazy with Dave during these songs. Mr. Lewis, my french teacher, was also there and he was dancing like crazy. He can break dance! He rox.

So anyways, other than that, prom was prom. Not much else to say about it, except it was awesome. My feet still hurt from the heels I wore all night, though. This week I've been limping a little, which wasn't good because I had to do alot of walking. I went to the mall to get Brian a birthday present. He's going to be 15! Makes me feel so old... I got him a My Chemical Romance t-shirt because he loves them. I also picked up the american release of Withering to Death by Diru. ............Ok I have much to say about it. First, I already have the German release, so now I have two copies. That doesn't bother me too much because I have both the German and Taiwanese releases of M10M's Nocturnal Opera. But this american version of WtD sucks. The lyric booklet isn't even an actual booklet but a folded peice of paper. It also looks like it's been photo copied many times. Worst yet is the fact that they don't even have the Japanese lyrics in them! Not even the romaji! It's the poor english translations only. WTF!?!!? Is the record company trying to hide the fact that diru is Japanese? The German version came with two very nicely printed booklets: one had the kanji lyrics and english translations, the other had romji lyrics with german translations. And what do the americans get? A folded piece of photo copied paper.

I haven't listened to the cd yet, but the dvd it came with is actually pretty good. It has five uncensored videos: two pvs (The Final and Saku) and two montage type videos (Merciless Cult and Machavialism). The fifth is a bunch of clips from The Tour of Vulgar[ism]... I'm sorry, but it seems, after seeing many live videos of Diru, I think they suck live. I've never seen them live in person, but so far my impression of them live is sucky. Don't get me wrong, the performance is AMAZING, but the music is just so... off. And not like a good kind of "off". Just off and messy.

I just got home from seeing X-men III and it rocked.


Prom 2morrow

May. 18th, 2006 | 05:21 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished
music: Gackt-Storm

Hells yeah! Prom is tomorrow night and I'm all set! Got my dress and assessories and everything. Tonight I do need to take in the dress a little, but besides that, I'm all ready to go! I love my dress! It's light pink, silk, and long with ruffles. The top part has a bow and is off the shoulder. It looks very victorian and bourgeois. I love it very much. And it came from a thrift shop! Which makes it so much more awesome. It's never been worn and still had it's original price tags on it, which was $750! But I got it for only $150. How awesome is that? I also got a pearl choker and pearl earings to go with it and long white gloves. It's soooooo lovely! <3

Anywho, this week has been dragging by so SLOW. It's because I've been very anxious for prom. Today someone pulled the fire alarm AGAIN. After that morning we had a fire drill, then in 9th period some shit face kid goes and sounds a false alarm. Asshole! We were outside for 2 hours and couldn't leave while the cops came to look for bombs. This is like the 7th time this year someone did that. I took Joey's hoodie and put it over my head to keep the sun off me. I don't want a tan or burn, especially right before prom.

I got a post card in the mail today anouncing Dracula's Ball. It shall be June 10th. I REALLY want to go, but that is right before my final examines and a week before AnimeNEXT, which I'm trying to save my moneys for. I do have a great idea for an outfit, though. Two ideas: first is based off something I saw in the G&L Bible and very erololi. I have this very short skort that looks like a mini skirt with a slit up the side. I want to lace up the slit with white ribbon and wear a garder belt underneath with fishnet stockings. The skort is so short that the garder would peak out the bottom. For a top, I want a cute (fake) corset (maybe from H&M) that I could alter to match the skort. Then I could wear my goth boots and lace choker. OR, my second idea is (also from G&L Bible) to make a right-above-the-nee skirt out of black lace fabric and a black tank that I want to put lace on the top, bottom, and strings.But before I start either of these outfits, I must decide whether I'm going to go or not. :/


Tea Party

May. 13th, 2006 | 10:42 pm
mood: chipper chipper
music: Schwarz Stein- Creeper

So today I went to Philly to meet the "Philly Lolitas". Was very cool. Many people were supposed to show up, but only two other girls were there. I met suzanosday and kiyomi23. Suzanosday is so adorable! I loved her outfit and she's so small and adorable and friendly. <3 Kiyomi23 is awesome, too. I loved her dress!!!!! ^.^ I want to hang out with these people more often. They are so nice! My outfit was no good compared to their outfits. It was so casual and plain. So, it was the three of us and we drank tea and then went on south street and to some other cool stores. Very fun! ^_^

I'm tired right now. Off to bed for me.



May. 12th, 2006 | 11:28 pm
mood: enraged enraged
music: Dir en grey- The III D Empire

Ok, there are people that I really really hate that piss me off ALOT. People need to fucking grow up. WE ARE JUNIORS IN HIGH SCHOOL, NOT IN JUNIOR HIGH SCOOL!!!!!!! Start acting like it, whore. ARG!!!!! I'm so fucking pissed. And I don't get angry that easily, but I'm mad at someone. I'm steaming from my ears right now.


Yeah I is pissed. At who? I'll never tell.



May. 11th, 2006 | 09:52 pm
mood: anxious anxious
music: Dir en grey- Child Prey

Yeah I have that song stuck in my head. IT'S SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! I <3 Child Prey.

Anyway, so on saturday is I'm going to meet lolitas in Philly. This is weird. I haven't really met any other lolitas before and I didn't know there were people who actually got together and met up. So cool! I hope they like me... I think I'm going to wear my white frilly blouse and black lolita skirt with lace socks and black heels. No headress because the one that I have is actually a choker and I look bad in those anyway. Maybe I'll put my hair in piggy-tails. ^.^v

On quite a different note, I am sick of my friends. Ok, not all of them, but some. Not naming names lest they find this journal, BUT sometimes I feel like I can't wait to GET OUT of high school just so I can get away from them. And what will i do after high school? I want to get into college and study abroad and do cool things. And I want to write novels and I want to teach. I can't wait to just graduate.

Hm, I'm not too good at this whole blog thing.